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CrypticTruth is a small business technology consulting firm that provides a complete spectrum of services at a small business price. We have the expertise to help you not only with your web development needs, but with all forms of technology. What sets us apart, aside from our expertise, is the personal service we provide to our clients.

How We Can Help

Cryptic Truth can make the intricacies of technology easy for you. We provide a variety of services from computer upgrades to software development. We can meet your needs in a variety of technological areas to spur the growth of your business.

Why Choose CrypticTruth

Not only can Cryptic Truth solve your problems, but we can diagnose your problems as well. From first communication with your business, we take a personal approach to what your needs are and make the solutions as stress free as possible for you. Have a problem you can’t decipher? The mysteries of computers can be difficult for many, but we thrive on solving your problems.

What We Provide For You

We solve any technology problem large or small through a combination of our own expertise and the utilization of outside specialists.

We specialize in:

Working within the constraints of our customer whether they are financial, technical, legal, or otherwise.

Walking into existing projects to work with or replace existing or previous technical teams.

Finding a solution to any problem by working with other firms when necesary.

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Online Presence and Websites

Cryptic Truth will provide all of your website needs, such as design, editing, management, and repair. We also offer social media account setup, administration, and advertising services. Our experts can help you establish an online home for your business without your having to do the busy work.

Office Efficiency

Perhaps you are in need of a technological renovation for your business. We provide services in evaluating office technology such as updating your servers or workstations as well as improving workplace efficiency through technology. And we can meet your needs within your budget

Old and New Software

You may need help with just a minor software fix. We are capable of locating and solving any glitch even when others give up or fail. And if the problem is major, we can take care of that too. We have the ability to design, write, and test new software to your company’s particular needs. Just ask.

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